these tiny alpine strawberries make great ground cover they spread everywhere this year they are abundant in both the front and back garden fragaria virginiana platypetala western alpine strawberry up in the inyo national forest wild strawberry plants strawberry groundcover hardy perennials zone 5 alpine strawberries hardy annual flowers zone 5 photograph by kahvikisu via flickr previous strawberry red alpine to purchase alpine strawberry seeds go here alpine strawberry fragaria vesca attila 150 seeds 1831 fabriek bloem kruid tuin flora aardbei cool beeld groundcover coole foto bloeiende plant wilde aardbeien strawberry groundcover see more in 23 and me my favorite edible plants to grow in shade fragaria vesca flowers and fruit of alpine strawberries growing between paving slabs of patio alpine strawberry fragaria vesca at meadows farms nurseries add some charm to your garden with alpine strawberries they re a true perennial alpine strawberries delicious treats in a chiloquin garden and wonderful ground cover too strawberries the edible groundcover a california native plant alpine strawberries raised off the ground by growing in low wall fragaria lipstick fragaria lipstick alpine strawberries fragaria vesca photo annies annuals and perennials mountain strawberry with western columbine under ponderosa pine iat the edge of a meadow at 7400 vaughn strawberries 03 jpg fragaria californica fragaria californica fragaria californica the ones planted in the ground are also blooming this year i bought more seeds from the strawberry fragola quattro stagioni 4 seasons alpine strawberry ground cover alpine berries are perfect edible landscaping there two vibrant red strawberries hang from skinny stems towards the brown earth growing on a mock strawberry woodland strawberry alpine strawberry seedling sept 2016 on island near mackinac straits mi add or edit informational text about this plant we tried growing and nellie kelly strawberry plant together groundcover heart and sole food winter is prime time for starting alpine strawberries featured learning garden crop alpine strawberries wild strawberry strawberry groundcover strawberry ozark beauty 4in