the common weed s tiny star shaped white flowers are blooming right now and low all year perennials white clover the pusley plant thrives during autumn and can easily get a foothold in grass stressed by insects improper mowing or disease kimberly miller the palm groundcover warning blue star creeper pratia pedunculata lauia fluviatils isotoma fluviatilis ground elder reaches a height of about 1m 3ft it spreads very quickly if left to its own devices easily identified by the characteristic white flowers ceanothus americana please idenitify this invasive ground cover quickweed flowering groundcover flowering groundcovers for florida groundcover review ajuga bugleweed dcf 1 0 if you see this plant with small white flowers sidewalk weeds in the hot dry summer creeping charlie common weeds aegopodiumwithvinca pcojen birds foot trefoil is a perennial lawn weed and is also a member of the clover family it can be a major problem on uk lawns as it forms large patches garlic mustard leaves garlic mustard plant garlic mustard flowers weed with flower a common weed of the lawn and garden plant identification closed small white daisy like flowers are these weeds invasive 2 by hburry can anyone out there help me identify this pest weed vine i need help photo by julie martens forney hanging down to 2 3 from containers and blooming its tiny white flowers on wiry stems dark green leaves have purple undersides so common that it s seen as a weed in sweden but beautiful yellow flowers that can be made into wine white flower ground cover home white flower ground cover uk 5 weeds you want in your garden do you know which garden weeds are beneficial creeping habit photo sheldon navie ground ivy common lawn weeds ceanothus prostratus is a moundy ground cover with blue flowers grid24 6 dead nettle lamium maculatum is notable for both its variegated foliage and its dense cers of flowers which appear in a variety of colors daisies is this a weed and if so what kind i have 2 in my front garden in richmond hill how to get rid of it now it has tiny white flowers slender sdwell veronica filiformis spurge flowers are trumpet shaped pink to white and are produced indeterminately throughout the year florida pusley small scale ground cover horkelia parryi parrys horkelia smells just like a pine forest and can be used to line small white flowers ground cover al with its white flowers and variegated ground cover weed with sweet alice lobularia maritima has masses of tiny white and or purple flowers that attract hoverflies and parasitic mini wasps infestation photo sheldon navie