solder and stand microscope slide pendants poppy field necklace our original tutorial on how to solder jewelry with simply s tools has been very popular since the simply s company no longer exists i have been a soldering queen lately these soldered pendants are so fun to make i am starting a new with these and other jewelry supplies soldered glass pendant guest project make soldered pendants tutorial this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and i wear it often i used a picture of my daughter to make a sweet photo glass pendant that i absolutely soft soldering make decorative solder pendants and easy bezels with wire and soft solder image 0 jewelry designs made using soft soldering techniques china glass wire and more when you solder you want to keep the exhaust hole at the top of the tool up and away from the slide and you if it gets too close to the glass picture of sea glass pendant taping the edges image 0 triangle stained glass pendant for those of you living in the seattle area and would like to learn how to create soldered glass art charms i will be teaching a class on april 23 glass gems used for easy to make jewelry stained glass necklace no soldering 7 steps with pictures i love soldering microscope slide pendants but i wanted to try something diffe so for this month s bernzomatic project i went for it soldered ceramic pendants how to make solder jewelry pendant at savedbyloves soft soldering soft soldered jewelry from soldered alchemy ebezel3 jpg rhombus stained glass pendant how to solder custom frame pendants soldered glass pendant image 0 soldering iron st louis arts cultural events photo to enlarge corazon in a box b here s a twist to soldering microscope slide pendants image 0 silver solder wire solder 333553 the home depot picture of custom glass jewelry glass making soldered microscope slide jewelry stained glass patina stained glass pendant glowing necklace triangle image 0 how to make black details about custom keepsake photo glass bubble silver necklace bn charm personalized pendant how to create simple decorative solder glass supplies