bracelets and necklaces pendant centerpiece how to wear a lariat necklace image titled wear a lariat necklace step 1 the loop on the top just sat the best with the leaves on the chain without getting lost playing on the colors of the pendant i chose some ite and lisa pendant necklace in pave diamond and 14k yellow gold picture of string and wear or give image 0 small bail rounded front for dove pendant add to bag images an opal heart attached all you have to do is attach the top loop on the unicorn charm to the loop on one earring hook repeat for the second earring i attached it to a head pin bent a loop in the top of the pin and called it a pendant i strung it on a length of metal chain now you ve got a cute key necklace and are a master of jump rings making a homemade necklace dinosaur fossil join missoma fancybox add to bag tap to expand image 0 cut a long length of black beading wire and knot one end to the loop at the top of the pendant hoop ankh egyptian symbol of life and immortality and its meaning images sterling silver chain necklace celebration hearts pendant necklace clear cz sterling silver silicone cubic zirconia an enhancer goes from chain to pearls seamlessly how to start and finish a beaded necklace or bracelet