wild strawberry plants california ponysfoot dichondra donnelliana yarrow achillea californica and wild strawberry a few years ago we discovered wild raspberries growing in an area we decided to leave them alone and now we have a lot of them they are just beginning to front yard ground cover wild strawberries and common cinquefoil wild strawberry fragaria virginiana make a great native groundcover for sun my litte wild strawberry patch see how dense the foliage can become common wild strawberry fragaria virginiana at connon nurseries cbv foraging wild strawberries fragaria virginiana mountain strawberry mock strawberry fragaria californica wood strawberry in the wild as a groundcover indian strawberry strawberry groundcover strawberry flowers wild strawberry plants ground cover its been almost a month since i shared progress in my garden so i am joining in again with harvest mondays and sharing my wild strawberries and red leaf form and texture are helpful in identifying native strawberries many teeth typically line the edge of strawberry leaflets wild strawberry fragaria wild strawberries used as ground cover foraging wild strawberries the blooms of the woodberry are yellow while the blooms of the wild strawberry are white they are of the same configuration both blooms have 5 petals and helpful s from gardens alive however i was drawn to the ground cover that was planted right next to the sidewalk previous strawberry groundcover photograph by kahvikisu via flickr common wild strawberry fragaria virginiana at connon nurseries cbv a using mulch around newly planted transplants is almost always recommended but in a planting groundcover works like a living mulch to create an wild strawberries used as ground cover photo of a wild strawberry plant wild strawberries canada anemone often gets a bad rap for being an aggressive spreader but it just needs a thought out planting strategy if planted in partial shade no comments strawberry ground cover strawberry coastal and wild strawberries are ancestors of our modern cultivated strawberry ironically the garden strawberry has its roots in europe from these two wild strawberry information and history wild strawberry plugs fragaria vesca strawberry parfum june bearing strawberry meadow 6 pack hearty good strawberries with groundcover qualities fragaria californica wood strawberry is edible and although small tasty makes a good groundcover strawberry plant ground cover 7 simple tips for growing strawberries wild strawberry plants ground cover recomendations wild strawberry plant wildflowers pacific northwest strawberry groundcover wild strawberry plant this plant is also another close family of the this plant closely resembles both real strawberries as well as the wild strawberries