yellow stonecrop sedum kamtsi the flower of a st john s wort plant hyperi calycinum the genus sedum has a diverse group of ornamental succulent plants you can grow low growing sedums as a ground cover in full sun and well drained soil birdsfoot trefoil plug plants helianthemum nummularium ground cover plants creeping jenny is my favorite ground cover my grandmother and creeping jenny plants uk sedum kamtsi plants for year round interest groundcover plant common pachysandra pachysandra plants ground cover yellow ground cover plants uk numerous bright yellow flowers with small reddish spots throughout the summer make it a popular plant for the bog or water garden groundcover warning blue star creeper pratia pedunculata lauia fluviatils isotoma fluviatilis top 10 plants for shade lesser celandine ranunculus ficaria azorella trifurcata plants for ground cover mouse plants for small gardens marsh marigold or kingcup is a plant that covers many of the fields covered above it has large light green leaves and lots of yellow flowers birds foot trefoil is a perennial lawn weed and is also a member of the clover family it can be a major problem on uk lawns as it forms large patches excellent for ground cover and blending in the edge of a pond as it will grow on dry ground and can float across the surface of the water aubrieta arabis low perennial 0004807 sweet woodruff is an excellent ground cover if you want to add fragrance to your garden grows best in part shade to full shade and on well drained soil aubretia anne kendall photo and description ivy covered wall achillea lewisii king edward photo and description plants that bloom all summer long ground covering plants cover full sun australia evergreen georgia ground covering plants cover gazania plant landscape use annual or perennial ground cover gazania plants uk caltha paris balm variegated 1 plant garden kitchen herb for cooking plants from gardeners dream uk groundcover plants will aid weed suppression but this can be supplemented by using a mulch in the development stages of the garden campanula bellflowers canterbury bells harenbells cups and saucers carpathian bellflowers prima uk february 5 2001